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The 4 Best Hair Trends of 2019 (So Far)

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Stay ready so you never have to get ready! If you’re a hairdresser, it’s only normal that you follow hair trends, right? It’s all about staying ahead of the game and anticipating what your clients will be asking for. It’s easy to figure out the trends when 10 clients ask for the same look in one week, but there’s an easier way to determine this! All you have to do is read further. We’re counting down the best hair trends of 2019 that your clients are sure to ask for.

Blunt Bob

This is what 8 year old dreams are made of! Whether you were rocking the style yourself or saw it on a friend or classmate, there were tons of girls rocking the blunt bob in their youth. Unfortunately for them, this was usually after someone got happy with a pair of kitchen scissors. While there might be cringe-worthy class photos of the blunt bobs of the past, the blunt bobs of the present are on point! Seen on celebrities like Jenna Dewan and Vanessa Hudgens, this hot trend is sure to heat up the entire year.

Curly Bangs

Proceed with caution! Curly bangs can look amazing when done right. Do you see countless people walking around with curly bangs and wonder exactly who put the shears to their precious hair? Do you get clients who are looking for you to fix a previous cut? This probably happens often! Regardless, all the best hairdressers know that curly hair can’t be treated the same as straight hair, but some hairdressers still try. If you’re one who needs to brush up on their curly bangs, now is the time. Curly bangs is one of the best hair trends of the year so far!

Grey Hair

Who cares about a little grey?! If we’ve been letting Anderson Cooper rock his grey hair for the last decade, why can’t we? Another hot hair trend of 2019 is grey hair. Millions of people spend their time and money color correcting their greys, but not anymore! Grey hair is in and we’re here for it! While you might have fewer clients asking you to color their grey hair, you might notice that they’ll ask you to make the color more vibrant. Grey hair is definitely a favorite among the best hair trends of 2019. We all want a little less maintenance when allowed and now we have it!


Effortless is the new wave when it comes to everything beauty related. While it might’ve taken hours to achieve a look, the point is to call upon Beyoncé and act like you woke up like this. This hair trend might end up looking wild and out of control on long hair. If your client has a bob (or lob), this is a trendy new style to try on them. Filled with soft, wispy layers, your clients will feel youthful and free-spirited with this hairdo!

Trends are constantly changing! While most of us see the ‘80s mullet as an unspoken tragedy in beauty history, the people of the time were just following the hottest trend. What works for some doesn’t work for all, and you’ll still find that among the best hair trends of 2019. The blunt bob is the hottest trend right now and you’ll still find that some think that’s it’s best kept in their 4th grade class picture. Regardless of what some might think is hot or not, these four styles are at the top of the best hair trends list of 2019.

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