New Hair Trends 2019

New season comes new hair trends


With the turn of a new season comes new hair trends that we’re all dying to try. Unfortunately, hair doesn’t have the same ease as fashion. You could wear a burgundy coat today and an olive green one tomorrow. Following the fall hair trends in a similar fashion isn’t possible without the risk of losing your hair. Even so, that doesn’t mean you can’t have beautiful trendy hair! From coloring to cutting to accessorizing, here’s everything you need to know about 2019’s fall hair trends.


The Bolder The Better

If there’s one thing you need to do with your hair this fall, it’s make it BOLD. While it seems like the warmer months might be the time to experiment with color, the experts say differently! When it comes to trends, hair stylist Bianca Rose from Cincinnati is calling deep blues and plum purples as the trends for the season, but just a few states over, the trends in Kansas call for a hair colors closer to fall foliage. Stylist Sammy Klinger is already applying deep reds, oranges, and yellows in her client’s locks. While some might choose to go with one color, some might opt to style this similarly to the popular summer unicorn trend.

Unicorn hair color 2019

Turn Unicorn and Pastels to Deeper Colors

One popular hair trend for spring and summer 2019 was using pastels and turning them into a beautiful multi-colored unicorn blend. While it worked great for the warmer months, tons of unicorns are now wondering how to transition their hair to a more seasonally appropriate color. Klinger suggests to “deepen the base and play with nature’s palette.” By adjusting the palette, the colors could mimic fall mums or sunflowers. This is perfect for those hoping to bring out the colors of the season, but if you’re only hoping to darken and deepen unicorn tresses, Bianca Rose suggests a shadow root for all the pastel colors.

Sammy Klinger quote

Short Cuts are IN

Normally fall hair trends call for longer hair to keep warm, but we’re seeing more and more short cuts and long bobs. It’s easy to be apprehensive about whether a short cut will work for you. Some stylists think confidence is all you need to chop off your locks, but Sammy Klinger thinks it’s all about your features. Whether it’s your cheekbones, chin, hairline, and ear shape, all of them affect what short hairstyle might work for you. When changing your hair, the best rule of thumb is accentuating what you like and masking what you don’t.

Short haircuts for women

Textures: Two Are Better Than One

Some trends call for sleek tresses while others go for beachy, textured hair. One of the more surprising 2019 fall hair trends is two textures. You’ll see celebrities like Euphoria actress Zendaya sleek their hair back to about halfway down their head and leave the rest wavy, untouched, and truthfully, a little frizzy looking. Somehow, these two textures work.


It’s Euphoria Everything

The HBO series Euphoria set the beauty community on FIRE. Not only did the makeup revive everyone’s love of wearing rhinestones, but now you’ll see that look being transformed from their makeup to their hair. While it might be difficult to incorporate on hairstyles that are down, they can easily be used on any braided style you might try.



Remember all those huge clips everyone used to wear in the ‘80s and ‘90s? Well, they’re back and better than ever! One of the hottest fall hair trends is adding glittered and rhinestone hair pins to any hairstyle you can think of. The most popular of the bunch are the statement hair pins. Whether you’re feeling like a “boss” or a little “iconic,” these pins speak to every part of your personality and hair fashion.

With the introduction of colder temperatures, everyone is always ready to go into hibernation and “prepare for the spring.” There’s no reason you can’t live your best life and show out during the fall months and into winter. As the leaves change from their regular green to red, oranges, and yellows, your hair can go through transformations too.

Regardless of the season, the trendiest hairstyles always give you the chance to step out of your comfort zone, and maybe that’s all you need! Truth be told, you’re not going to love every style you ever try, but life is about learning what you like and what you don’t. The same goes for hair! All you need to do is find a stylist you trust and all your beautiful hair dreams can come true.

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