Fall Color Trends: Balayage vs Ombré


Now that it’s officially fall, you’ll start to notice a trend in your clients. They’ll go from bright shades and unicorn pastels to deeper colors to match the season. You’ll even see an increase in balayage and ombré – and while both of these styles are beautiful to look at, there’s more to it than just playing around with color. We’ve teamed up with Laura Khesin at Ivy Hair Loft to give us the lowdown on everything you need to know about two popular fall color trends – ombré and balayage.

Fall deep red hair tones

Colors That Are Trending

Bring in the warmth! While the fall marks the end of warmer temperatures, we’re balancing this out by adding warmth to hair tones. As your clients begin to lose their summer tans, their lighter hair colors might make them look washed out. Laura is calling the color trends for fall 2019. Think golden blondes, cinnamon-y brunettes, and copper reds. And while we’re all a fan of low maintenance hair, you’ll notice clients asking for more routine touch ups to keep their look polished and up to date.

Balayage long hair

Balayage vs. Ombré

You might be tempted into thinking balayage and ombré are the same thing. While you could consider them relatives, they’re definitely not twins. Balayage is a technique while ombré is a look.

Laura Khesin describes balayage as a process that paints the surface of the hair. Be mindful. Not all balayage is the same so while your clients might come with some hair inspiration, it’s important that they know that all balayage isn’t created equally. With the process, you can lift the color 1-5 levels and after that, it’s a matter of what color your client is going for. Your clients wouldn’t be able to go from deep brown hair to bleach blonde, but the balayage technique is all about adding some dimension to their hair.

While balayage is a technique, ombré is a look. With a gradient effect, you’ll see this style starting off with darker roots and moving down to a lighter or more saturated color. Keeping fall colors in mind, you might have a brunette client ask for a cinnamon or copper toned ombré look. Whether it’s performing balayage or creating an ombré gradient, your clients will be sure to ask for these popular fall color trends.


How Much Should You Charge

Balayage might come off as complicated and in a way, it can be. It might be easier to look at the process the same, but it’ll be different based on each client you have. Things like hair color, hair texture, and how they wear their hair plays a role. You might be taking all of these factors into consideration. When comparing balayage to traditional foils, Laura thinks they should be priced similarly. Instead of focusing on the process, she recommends pricing based on the customization of the color.


Tips on Maintenance

Is there anything worse than doing a client’s hair and having it look dreadful later on? Probably not! Every single one of your clients is a walking, talking advertisement for your work or salon. It is exceedingly easy for balayage and ombré coloring to lose its life. Luckily for you, Laura has a few tips to share with your clients to keep your color job looking fresh and vibrant.

One, advise they minimize the number of times they wash their hair. Instead, replace a wash with a Beauty Hack Collection: Apple Cider Vinegar with Citrus Mint or dpHUE: Apple Cider Vinegar rinse.


Two, tell them to reduce their use of hairspray. The alcohol content can cause the colors to fade and get duller faster than either of you would like.

Three, use less heat on their hair. You might have some clients straighten or curl their hair everyday. While they should aim to use as little heat as possible, turning the temperature down a few degrees on their hot tools can help protect the color.

Four, suggest they come back every 6-8 weeks for a glaze. Whether they’re looking to refresh, deepen, or add warmth to their hair, a glaze can do it all!

The fall is a beautiful time and it’s only right that your clients should have hair to mirror that. Whether you’re playing with two colors or working an entire color palette into their locks, these fall trends will have both you and your clients feelin’ yourselves.

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