2019 Top 5 Best Hair Trends for Women of Color

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2019 is speeding by and women of color are embracing lasting trends…in the first eight months, but the trends are here and they’re here to stay! Within the first six months of the year, women of color have been settling into their favorite trends and trying some new ones. As a hairstylist, it’s important to stay ahead of the game and anticipate what your clients might be asking for. You can’t expect the hair trends to be the same for non-women of color because frankly, their hair is different so you can expect the trends to be different too. If you’re looking to stay ahead of the game, here are 2019’s top 5 best hair trends for women of color.


Box Braids

The box braids hair styles are back! We’ve seen the fashion trends from the ‘90s return, and now the popular hair trends are back too. Hair culture for women of color in the ‘90s was predominantly dominated by braids with women like Brandy and Lauryn Hill leading the pack. While box braids have been thoroughly scattered throughout the last two decades, they’ve never been hotter than in 2019. While in the past, women of color would mostly stick to “natural” colored braids, 2019 is bringing the color to box braids. Adding colors like #30 or even lighter blondes to these braids is an even hotter trend, especially during the summer months.


Geometric Patterns

Bust out that protractor because you might need some help creating the shapes and crisps lines for this popular hair trend. If you thought you needed perfect squares for box braids, that might not be the case. Some clients might come in asking for triangles. Others might even ask for braided hairstyles that follow a specific shape. All we can say is grab a ruler, comb, and get prepared to create a masterpiece.

curly bangs

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Curly Bangs

This is one popular trend that has to be done right. While it can be difficult being able to craft the perfect cut for curly bangs, this is one trend that doesn’t seem like it’s going anywhere. Now that many women of color are choosing to embrace their natural hair and join the movement, they’re looking for new styles to try out and curly bangs are a trend that more and more women are asking for. While we’ll leave how to cut curly bangs up to you, all we can say is that we’ve heard (and seen) horror stories about bangs gone awry, so good luck!

african american woman with blonde hair

Blonde, Blonde, and more Blonde

There’s a phrase going around that says blondes have more fun, so why not indulge in the trend! One hot trend for women of color is blonde hair! You might think we’re just talking all blonde hair, but that’s not it. It starts with small highlights in a request for box braids. It continues with highlights or balayage. Then it goes on with requests for full-on platinum. As hair trends normally go, women are usually coloring their hair with lighter shades during the warmer months. Since the beginning of the year, blonde bombshells have been popping up all over, and we’re sure they’re here to stay well into the fall and winter.



If there’s one trend that’s here to stay from now until forever, it’s wearing wigs. While women of color seemed to prefer sew-ins originally, Cardi B said it best: kill the weave, rock a lace – lace front, that is. In recent years, wigs have grown in popularity and we can understand why. Who wouldn’t want to be a different person each day of the week? With so many different styles to choose from, you can easily go from a short, sleek bob to a long, beach wave. The day to day ease of applying and removing wigs makes them ideal for women on the go, and for women of color, the trend is unbeatable.

The year might not be over, but it’s easy to pick out which trends your women of color clients might be asking for. At least, it’s easier than you think. While you might solely rely on what requests your clients might be making, check out what’s going on social media. Check hair related hashtags, popular women of color, or hair care companies. It’s a great way to catch the trends before your clients do and an even better way to stay on your toes for any shifts in the trends. They’re always changing so it’s best if you catch them as they do.

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