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Why your salon hours need to change in the summer

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When it comes to seasonal changes, a lot of people consider spring to be the “cleaning” phase and summer is really the game-changer. There are a lot of things that change up in the summer. Some switch up their wardrobe to prepare for the heat. Others might even switch out their relationship partners because “cuffin’ season” is over. If you own a salon, there’s something else you should be changing, and it’s probably not what you think.

You’re probably thinking of the summer-like requests your clients might start making. The summer season usually marks a change in hair trends, and you can usually always expect those changes to reflect in your clients. Gone are the requests for 99J and here comes the highlights of 30 or 33. Here come the balayage sessions for luscious multi-tonal highlights. Tons still love their long locks, but decent trims to extreme cuts become a lot more common. While this is to be expected, this still isn’t the change we’re talking about.

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If you consider places like malls, it’s common for them to do one thing – change their hours by season. While it’s pretty obvious why this would work for them, this is an excellent practice to apply to your own hair salon.

The change probably doesn’t have to be as drastic as you’re thinking. One major change you need to consider is extending your hours on a few days. During the winter months, most people are ready to head home as soon as possible versus staying out in the cold. With longer days and warmer nights painting the entire 3 months of summer, you can expect clients willing to make later appointments.

Another major change you might consider is changing the days you’re open and closed. If you’re closed on a day like Sunday for your own rest and relaxation, consider opening your salon on a few Sundays and compensate with another day off during the week. Clients might be more willing to go to a salon on a Sunday during the summer than the winter.

These are two easy ways to change your hours, but are you still wondering why you should change them? Here’s why!

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To Catch More Clients

No matter what anyone says, is there such a thing as too many clients? While you might have a limit to how many clients you can personally work on, that’s when growth happens by building not only your clientele but your team as well. The biggest benefit of changing your hours during the summer is to catch more clients.

You’ll notice two major things about your clients during the summer months. One, their daily schedules change. Something happens to people during the summer months where they’re just willing to do a lot more things which includes staying out later. Just by extending your hours slightly, you’re increasing the potential for more clients.


To Save Money

You like to save money, don’t you? Who doesn’t? Another reason to consider changing your salon hours is because it can help you save money. Don’t believe it?

One method we haven’t mentioned is closing your salon during hours you might normally be open. This should only be applied to days where you notice a decrease in the number of clients. If Monday mornings are particularly dry, consider opening later and compensating that time with an extra hour or two. By keeping your salon closed when you don’t have any actual clients, you’ll save loads on your power bills.



To Give Yourself Time for Other Things

As a hairstylist, you might realize that your schedule is pretty hectic. Changing up your summer hours could give you more time for other things. Between hair appointments, you have to try to find time to actually live your life and this probably gets worse in the summertime. If you have a family, the kids are let out of school and you might be stuck trying to balance their schedule with yours. A lot of hair conferences and marketing seminars take place and those are always a good idea when trying to grow your business. It can be a lot, but it’s all about management. We know it can get hectic and HairHoncho is always prepared to help stylists manage even the craziest of schedules.

Summer is essentially synonymous with long days, warm nights, and the desire for fun changes. It’s likely you’ll see all of this reflected in your clients and even your own schedule. Stay ahead of the game and anticipate their needs! A change to your seasonal hours already puts you a step closer.

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