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Tips for planning hair salon promotions during vacation season

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Everyone wants their hair salon to be booming the entire year, but if we’re being honest, everyone goes through dry periods. While everyone’s going to a pool or the ocean, we’re bringing the water back to your salon. It’s easy for the number of existing and new clients to dwindle in the summer because everyone is going on vacation. Even though most people still need their hair done, most of them are worried about living their best life. It’s your and your salon’s job to remind your clients that yes, they still need to get their hair done.

After you remind them that they still need their hair done, you have to move on to actually getting them into your seat. With booked vacations and weekend getaways, they might feel like they don’t have time for a hair appointment. This is where we, and then you, come in. A lot of changes have to happen during vacation season to keep your clients coming back. While this starts with a schedule change, you’ll also need enticing enough offers to bring them back every few weeks. If you’re getting ready for the summer months, here are a few tips on how to plan your salon promotions during vacation season.


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Cater to Vacationers

Have you ever met someone who doesn’t like to travel? Okay, maybe, but we’re sure they’re few and far between. While you might be plateauing due to your own clients traveling during the summer, you can cater to the vacationers who haven’t actually gone anywhere. As can be expected, once someone has been on one vacation, they are usually scratching to go on another. Everyone can’t afford to live this life so help them get a taste! Something as simple as offering a tropical drink with an appointment is easy enough. Plus, feel free to spice it up a little. Get some music playing and throw an umbrella in that drink. A lot of the hair salon business is making your clients as happy as possible, and this is just one way to make that happen.

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Plan Weekday and Weekend Promotions

One big issue when it comes to marketing is that businesses don’t diversify when they have promotions. Most people are focused on the weekend when they should planning for weekdays too. Just think about it. While you’ll have a large group of clients getting their hair done on the weekend because that’s their only free time, you’ll have a ton of other clients who are getting their hair done for the weekend. By having a promotion on a Thursday, not only are you giving your weekday clients the chance for a good deal, but you’ll also be optimizing those who might be traveling for the weekend.


Prioritize Both Early Morning and Late Night Happy Hours

There’s nothing worse than having a stylist who only has sales and promotions during one time of the day. Regardless of whether it’s hair business or the restaurant business, you’ll see that a lot of establishments like to favor the lunch hour and dinner hour. While this might work for your salon as well, you still need to diversify even more by following retail stores.

Stores like Macy’s like to prioritize early bird specials, and while these are usually once the mall opens, you might want to do your promotions earlier than that. You might not be an early bird yourself, but offering something like this could be very beneficial for your business. Not only can you optimize on the clients who need a quick styling before they head to work, but you can even use this as an excuse to close shop a few hours early.

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Ideas for Promotions

Now that you have a few ideas for how to plan your promotions, you might need a few ideas, right? One easy idea is offering a slight discount. When it comes to salon services, something as simple as $5 off can mean a lot to most and it’s appreciated by all.

Another idea is to monopolize your clients’ birthdays. While their birthdays will fall all year long, you can definitely use those who have a summer birthday. Just a simple birthday discount might have even more clients walking through your door regardless of the season.

The summer is getting ready to heat up, and you need to make sure you don’t go through a cold spell with your clients. Planning promotions might seem extremely demanding, but there is help. HairHoncho offers around the clock help for stylists who have too much on their plate or stylists who are looking to get involved in a few more things. You don’t have to shy away from this because these ideas are what’s going to help your business grow. So make some plans, get some help, and get ready to thrive for the rest of the year.

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