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Why Instagram is the best marketing platform for your hair salon business

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Kiss commercials goodbye! While millions of people tune into the Super Bowl commercials every year, is anyone really watching commercials? In the days of DVR, on demand, and streaming services, consumers will do anything to skip watching a commercial. While you might think you need to dish out thousands of dollars for a TV commercial, save your coins! In the world of marketing, social media marketing is proving to be king! Instead of wasting all your efforts, check out why Instagram is the best platform to market your hair salon.


500 Million People Are On Instagram Daily

If you have a small salon and are looking to grow, you’re probably trying to gain exposure with the largest group possible. Social media has taken the world by storm and if there’s one platform that has managed to take over quickly, it’s Instagram. While less than a quarter of its active users will probably see your posts, Instagram gives you the visibility to see how many people are viewing and interacting with your posts – just make sure you have a business profile! Instagram will tell you how many profile visits you had in a week, how many times someone clicked through to your website from Instagram, and the times which your followers are most engaged on the app. They offer all of this information and more, and statistics like these are crucial to knowing what steps to take with your business moving forward.


Access To A More Diversifying Age Group

When it comes to social media apps, the average age of its users are pretty much guaranteed. While Facebook was big among millennials in the early to mid-2000s, once Instagram came out, they all rushed to that platform and have stayed there for the most part. When it comes to Generation Z, you’ll find them all on Instagram. For Generation X, they’re mostly hanging out on Facebook. While this is the core platform for this age range, Instagram’s demographic is going to be broader than any other platform out there. From the young ones to the older crowd, you can target all of them on the ‘gram.


You Can Use Both Photo And Video

There are certain apps that serve their purpose because of the type of content you’re able to put up there. If you’re looking to post pictures and video, your best bet is to use an app like Instagram. While YouTube and Facebook have more monthly users, the ease of Instagram is what makes it ideal when marketing your hair salon. It’s harder to get into videos because you have to worry about editing and when you’re focused on growth, that might not be a priority. This is what puts Instagram above YouTube with exposure. In comparison to Facebook, while you are able to post both pictures and videos to Facebook, when it comes to your options of posting on your feed, Instagram stories, IGTV or going live, the platform just gives you more to work with than Facebook.


Instagram Is The Best Platform For Influencer Marketing

Gone are the days where most companies are only turning to commercial marketing for their companies. If you own a hair salon in the 21st century, you need to be in tune with a new form of growth – influencer marketing. Before the world of social media, the only influencers we knew were the celebrities on our TVs and our radio stations. Now, anyone can be an influencer. Between YouTube and Facebook, you’ll still see influencers, but their impact might not be as large as it is on Instagram. With YouTube, you have to attract someone with an entire video, but all you need are a few seconds on Instagram. If your following is small, team up with larger influencers. While you’ll definitely have to dish out a few dollars, it won’t be as much as trying to fund an entire commercial and paying for it to appear on numerous channels.


Potential Customers Can Find Your Work More Easily

The way Instagram is set up, it’s very easy to locate businesses based on their location. All someone has to do is search the name of your hair salon, and any past tagged posts will appear. When posting your own content, it’s important to not only tag the location of your hair salon, but also to use branded hashtags. You should be tagging the name of your salon. You should be tagging your location whether you’re a #DCHairSalon or #LosAngelesHairSalon. Also, the way the Instagram algorithm works is that they try to predict what their users want to see. If someone is looking for a lot of hair salons, you’re more likely to fall into the content that Instagram will push towards its users.


Stay up to date with your marketing strategies! As time goes on, marketing tactics change and what might’ve worked 10 years ago won’t necessarily work now! If you’re trying to market your hair salon and grow your business, make sure Instagram is a social media platform that you pay attention to.


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