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How to Successfully Build a Salon Business


Wash, cut, style – repeat. Some people think this is all that goes into a salon business, but they’d be wrong. Running a successful business has the same foundation as any other business. It starts with making potential clients aware of your salon. The process continues with an evaluation where they know about your salon and consider becoming a client. The final step is conversion where they become a client of your business. Within this process, there are numerous ways to help you successfully build your salon business. From finding new clients to retaining current ones, here are all the tips you might need to build a successful salon.

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Attract New Clients

There are quite a few ways to attract new clients, but, it’s a matter of how to get in front of them. It’s impossible for someone to become a client if they don’t know your business exists. How do you get past that? First, where do you find them? When looking for clients, the best way is to find them on the web, and by this, we mean through web content and social media. Social media is the easiest form because it’s free. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and even Pinterest are amazing ways of gaining brand awareness. Posting regularly on these platforms with appropriate hashtags can quickly increase the number of people who are aware of your salon business.

Another great way is through web content. This can range from offering deals on Groupon to running a blog on hair and haircare. A blog is a great home base for your business because not only would you own this platform, but it’s a great way to lead traffic from your social media accounts to a more centric location.

Lastly, some people seem to think word-of-mouth is dead, but it certainly isn’t. While a client might see raving reviews online from previous or current clients, one negative comment from someone they know can easily trump hundreds of good feedback. Using a referral system is a great way to spread good word of mouth.

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Retain Old Clients

New clients are great, but it’s equally, if not more, important to retain the current clients you have. Returning clients show a sense of loyalty to their salon, and it’s necessary that you thank them or award them for their patronage. There are different ways you can accomplish this. If you have regular clients, do you offer discounts? You might consider giving them a percentage off a styling every few visits. Do you recognize their birthday and give them any deals for it? Everyone loves a birthday gift, so consider adding this to your marketing plan. Are you talking to them about their next visit before they leave? As they sit in your chair, reminding them to use HairHoncho to schedule their next appointment will help make their process of booking easier.

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Stand Out from the Competition

From a client’s perspective, most salons seem the same. That’s why in order to successfully run your salon business, you need to stand out from the rest of the competition. A lot of this comes from your brand identity. It will be hard for your brand to make an impact if you and your clients don’t know what you stand for. What is your mission?

In order for your salon to resonate with clients, you’ll need benefits that appeal to them on more than one level. Is your salon a place where they can go to relax? While it might not seem like it, most clients prefer to have an emotional connection to their salon and stylist. Does your salon make their life easier? It surely can with HairHoncho where they can easily book appointments and make their payments.

Standing out from the competition is all about how you’re going to offer your clients something no other business has.

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Selling Products is Crucial in any Salon Business

One mistake that some salons make is that the only thing they’re selling is their service. In order to successfully run a business, you should consider selling products as well. If you formulate your own shampoo and conditioner, your business would be a great location for selling them. For those who don’t make your own products, consider joining forces with a business that does. While you could work with a company and purchase their products through a wholesale program, you could even work as the affiliate for a hair products business and get a portion of any orders your clients might make under your recommendation.

Starting a salon business is one thing, but maintaining it is an entirely different hurdle to cross. While you might think the race ends, it never does. Owning a successful salon business is a constant process and it’s important that as society and the world change, your business tactics change to match.

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