Hairdressers 101 What Not to Say to Clients

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As a hairdresser, you’ve probably seen your fair share of memorable customers. There are customers who are very sure about what they want. There are others who are ready to put their hair in your hands. You’ve probably experienced customers whose hair is in good condition and others who have you wondering whether they got into a fight with a bird… and lost. While it’s perfectly fine to be candid with your customers, there’s a line that some hairdressers cross.

Like we mentioned, there are clients that you’ll always remember. With that said, you don’t want to be remembered by your clients as a bad hairdresser. Your skills might be amazing, but that won’t matter if you’re a little loose in the lips. Saying the wrong things can easily stop you from growing your business. Hairdresser and client relationships can often mirror that of a therapist. And trust us – no one wants to be insulted by their therapist. Joking around with your clients can seem like it’s all fun and games. This changes and it won’t be such a game when your pockets are a bit lighter from a lost regular. Before you keep “joking” around with your clients, check out what NOT to say to them while they’re in your chair.

“Who did this to you?”

Ouch! While you might want to cringe and laugh at some of the states of your clients when they sit in your chair, we can easily tell you that this is a bad idea. Even asking them who messed up their hair can be extremely taboo! If it’s enough for you to notice, they’ve probably noticed and aren’t happy about it either. As their hairdresser, you’re the professional but most people think they can handle their hair themselves. Most people are wrong. Half the time, they’re already embarrassed by the time they’ve made it to your salon, so let’s leave that salt out of their wound, shall we?

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“It’s been a while since you’ve gotten your hair done, hasn’t it?”

This question might seem harmless until you realize that both answers can lead to embarrassment for your client. While they could say, yes, it’s been a while, all you’re doing is bringing attention to the fact that their hair is seemingly a mess and that they’re not taking care of it.

Your client could say, no, I got my hair done recently and then they’re left with the confusion of does my hair look that bad? It all seems harmless, but let’s remember. Everyone’s a little vain and who wants a less-than-perfect part of themselves put on the spot? No one.


“Stop being so tender headed.”

There are two spectrums of hairdressers when it comes to dealing with tender headed clients. The first realize that their client is tender headed and adjusts their method. The second gets exasperated and not only questions why the client is tender headed but assumes they have the ability to stop. All the tender headed clients praise the first hairdresser while secretly wanting to punch the second. Dealing with this type of client can require a lot of patience, but trust us. No one wants to be tender headed. No one wants to feel like their hair is being pulled from the root. So a note to all hairdressers out there – use your hands (and words) tenderly.


“I can do that.” (And you really can’t).

This is simple. One of the worst things you can say and do is lie to your client. While you might want to make sure that you secure the coins, everyone prefers an honest hairdresser. There’s no going back to someone who ruins their hair. Most people are ready to lose their minds over extra centimeters of their trim, so you can only imagine a perm or color job gone wrong. There are tons of bad things a hairdresser can say to their clients, but the worst is “I can do that,” and you really can’t.

Everyone’s personality is different. While all the things on this list might seem small to you, that won’t be the case for all. Hair is easily a sensitive subject, and all clients expect their hairdressers to understand this. Some clients laugh off your comments while others are forced to grin and bear it. Don’t be the type of hairdresser that forces their customers to grin and bear it. By following these tips of what not to say, you’re already halfway there.


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