7 things someone should’ve told you before becoming a hairdresser


There’s always a guide to something. Why does it seem like no one ever gives the lowdown on the information until after you could’ve used it? There’s a ton of information out there, most that would’ve been helpful to know before embarking on this career move as a hairdresser. While you might’ve figured it on your own, here are 7 things someone should’ve told you before becoming a hairdresser.


You’ll Constantly Be Learning/Training

Like most trades, there’s always information you can learn. There are new techniques and trends that clients might be asking for and it’s literally your job to make sure that those customers are satisfied. You might’ve thought that your education would end after your professional training, but it never ends! There will always be new training and hair conferences to attend to make sure your skills stay sharp.


You Can’t Always Be As Creative As You’d Like

Being a hairdresser is the perfect job for creatives. As a creative, you were probably thinking that being a hairdresser would allow you to try a million different things on your clients, but you’ve probably realized that it’s simply not true. Being a hairdresser means you can’t always be as creative as you like. To be honest, most clients will come in asking for a trim or a simple dye job. While this point is true, you will find clients who are ready for such a change that they’ll let you do anything. That’s when it’ll be your time to shine.


You Have To Be Nice

Seems simple, right? It’s not. Whether you work in a salon or own your own, you’re probably expecting that you have to be nice to your clients. That’s almost a given. What you might not have realized is that you have to be nice all the time. The way for a hair salon to thrive is to not only attract new customers but maintain the ones you have currently. Being nice to your customers is one way to ensure that your customers are satisfied with their experience. Whether you’re having a bad day or you’re just not nice in general, this might’ve been something to know.


It Won’t Always Be Easy To Find Work

Like we mentioned before, you’re a creative and it won’t always be easy to find work. That’s just a norm for all creative jobs. For more logistical jobs, it’s just a matter of whether you’re doing something right. For hairdressers, it’s all up to someone’s opinion of whether you’re doing something right. Let’s face it! Everyone’s opinions will never be the same on something as fickle as hair. Outside of owning your own salon, another thing to be warned of would be that finding work might not be as easy as expected.


You’ll Have To Be A Talker (Or Learn to Be)

You might think this would fall into the same category as “being nice,” but it certainly doesn’t. “How are you’s” and “Thank you’s” only go but so far. What you might not have known prior to being a hairdresser was that you’d have to be a talker. You’ll find that a lot of clients believe their hairdresser to be a form of their therapists. They’ll sit there and speak to you until they’re blue on the daze. Even if you have impeccable listening skills, that’s still not enough. There has to be an actual conversation with responses and answered questions. Luckily for you, not every client is a talker so a peaceful, quiet appointment is possible.


You’ll Get Hurt

This should’ve been pretty self-explanatory, but it’s still something that all hairdressers should’ve known before starting their journey. Being a hairdresser comes with a lot of hair cutting and styling. These very often involve scissors and heat tools. While we can only hope that you knew, knowledge of the potential cuts and plenty of burns is something all potentials hairdressers should know.


You’ll Spend All Day On Your Feet

As a hairdresser, you’re going to have crazy hours and spend hours on your feet. If you’re working on braids, that install could take hours. For those who only work by appointment, you might find time between appointments to relax. Those who allow walk-ins, without explicitly telling clients to give them a break will find that they barely have time to sit much less handle basic functions like eating and using the bathroom.

A lot goes into being a hairdresser which means that a lot also goes into your work. Just like with any job, there are bits and pieces of information that you don’t learn until you’ve experienced it yourself. While some of the items on this list might be less than pleasant to experience, there is one thing that we’re sure no one had to tell you – being a hairdresser to satisfied clients trumps everything on this list.

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