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The 7 best ways to get a client in your salon and keep them


Are you looking for new clients? Are you trying to keep the ones you have? Owning a hair salon might seem like a constant cycle of new clients, and while that’s great – you also need to be mindful of keeping them. Getting people into your salon for the first time can be a hard process and a hard push, but it’s worth it in the end. You also have to focus your efforts on keeping them. If you need ideas on how to get clients into your hair and how to keep them there, here’s how.

Offer New Deals
If you’re trying to get new clients into your hair salon, you need to set yourself apart from other salons. From the outside looking in, all salons look the same. One way to differentiate your salon from others and get new clients into your chair is by offering new deals. One day, you might offer a reduced price on a haircut. Other days, you could consider discounting a wash and go. As long as the deal won’t negatively affect your revenue, offering new deals randomly can help you snag a brand new clients.


Promotional Work With Other Businesses
Working with other businesses is a great way to find new clients. This is also something strategic that you’d have to work on. Collaborating with other hair salons wouldn’t work because while you might be able to get some of their clients, the same could happen to you. Instead, you’d want to focus on working with businesses in the fashion or beauty industry. Whether you’re sponsoring an event or working on a joint venture, you want to work with someone who is complementary to your business. By working with fashion or beauty businesses, you could offer an ultimate makeover experience or an equally coveted experience that might introduce you to new clients.


Use Social Media
We can’t stress enough how important social media marketing is. Between Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and more, it might seem like your life is a constant cycle of likes and hashtags. Social media is one of the best, if not the best way of getting new clients to your salon. With over 1 billion people on Instagram every month, you can be sure that your posts are going to become visible to a larger group of potential clients.


Start Building An Email List
While social media marketing is important, email marketing is also important. Some businesses make a major marketing mistake by refusing to build an email list. This is crucial. If you have a business site, you should have a form to collect their email addresses. Through this method, you can stay in contact with all those who agreed to share that information. Don’t go overboard! No one wants their inbox flooded with a million emails. Overdoing it can quickly land you in the unsubscribed list.


Offer A Loyalty Program
If you’re trying to keep clients, one way to keep them coming back is by offering a loyalty program. There are tons of different options you can offer. You might give them a discount after a number of visits. You might consider creating a referral program where they can benefit from referring new clients to your salon. The fact of the matter is that people like to be rewarded, regardless of whether they explicitly say it or not. By establishing these types of programs, you can make sure that there are added benefits to being a loyal client.


Host Events
Everyone likes to be made to feel like an important person, and you’ll notice this with your clients as well. Why do you think acronyms like VIP exist? Hosting events is another way to keep your clients, especially the loyal ones. Don’t go overboard with this either! One to two nights a year, you can host special events at the salon for your most loyal customers. With a few hors d’oeuvres and maybe cocktails, you can have your clients enjoy a night with you. If your salon sells products, you might have them sample new ones or raffle off a free appointment.


Lend An Ear
There’s something therapeutic about getting one’s hair done, and because of this, you’ll find that a lot of hairstylists become a pseudo therapist for their clients. This alone is one way to keep clients in your chair. Sometimes people just need to vent and if you’re someone who can make them look good and listen to them vent, they’ll be back in your salon regularly like clockwork!


While these are some of the best ways to secure new clients and keep them satisfied enough to return, you might not have the bandwidth for all these things to occur at the same time. Don’t put undue stress on yourself because that could negatively affect your business! Instead, try one or two strategies at once and see how they work for you. Creating a functioning marketing plan can take time, so take your time and try to enjoy the process!

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