5 ways a blog can help grow your hair salon

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Do you want to be a blogger? With your career as a hairstylist, you probably never considered that you’d be a blogger. If you’re trying to grow your hair salon, blogging is something you should take seriously. While you might not have the writing skills to write it yourself, that’s what freelancers are for! There are tons of benefits that come with owning a blog, the most important of which lands you more clients. Here are 5 ways a blog can help you grow your business.

Increase Traffic To Your Business Site

One of the biggest things a blog can do for your business is get you more traffic on your business site. Let’s face it. Sometimes having an amazing site and a great social media presence isn’t going to grab all the potential clients you want. By having a blog, this gives you a chance to further the narrative behind your business and why clients should want to sit in your chair. If your blog isn’t run on your business site, remember to link to it as often as possible to see a visible increase in traffic.


Increase Your Search Engine Visibility

In the business world of today, you’ll hear the acronym SEO a lot. Why? When you make a search on Google, it’ll show you the top searches out of a million possible options. Unless someone is really desperate, no one makes it past the 1st page of searches. As a marketing tool, you want to do whatever you can to make it to the top of that list. This is where SEO comes in. Short for search engine optimization, this is a method of utilizing keywords to help make your content more visible. Around the time of Coachella, a popular keyword search might be “festival hairstyles.” While it might be hard to insert this keyword into your business site, you could easily create a blog post with this keyword to boost the visibility of your hair salon.


Help Clients With Hair Questions

You’ll find that some hair stylists are very reluctant to share any type of tips with their clients in fear of losing them. Don’t be one of these stylists. Your clients clearly can’t come to your hair salon every day to keep their hair maintained, so it’s important that they’re able to maintain the integrity of their hair. You might be seeing the same clients on a two-week cycle and having a blog can help your clients deal with their hair when they’re not sitting in your chair. Your blog can also help potential clients. Being able to help them while they’re not in your salon could be the push they need to book an appointment.

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Showcase The Abilities Of Your Staff

Hair can be a sensitive subject, and when we’re not even talking about it, we couldn’t imagine someone ruining ours. It takes a while for some people to agree to let others touch their hair. The same might be the same for your could-be clients. A blog can help your business by showcasing the talents of you or your staff. Something as simple as a haircut can have clients spooked, so show a before and after. If you tried a new hair trend that came out nicely, show that off too! By showcasing the abilities of you and your staff, you’re increasing the chances of turning blog views to hair appointments.

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Get More Clients To Your Salon

Let’s be very blunt about the purpose of marketing. While it’s amazing to make your prospective and current clients feel secure with your salon, there’s only one reason you’re doing all of this. You want more clients to frequent your hair salon. Bottom line, a blog can help grow your hair salon simply by getting more clients to the salon. Whether they’re regularly visiting for content or stumble upon it for the first time, being able to establish a relationship online with readers can help you establish a relationship outside of the internet.

Are you convinced yet? Owning a blog has become a major marketing strategy in the business world. When it comes to building an online presence, a blog is a crucial touchpoint for communicating with clients. Start snapping some pictures and get to click-clacking on your keyboard. Creating a blog for your hair salon will be sure to help you reach your goal of gaining more exposure for your business.

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