5 mistakes to avoid in 2019 when marketing your hair salon

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You can’t have a successful business if you don’t focus on marketing. While this is true, you still need to be mindful of something. There is such a thing as ineffective marketing. You could be trying all these different methods, but it won’t work if you don’t have the proper knowledge or foundation. Being able to successfully market your business isn’t something that’s easy, and one article isn’t going to help you, but it’ll definitely get you on the right path to owning a successful hair salon.


Not Creating A Brand Identity

Let’s break down how the internet works, shall we? When it comes to marketing, potential clients have to like you. Sometimes you’ll find that it might not even be for your skills. It’s whether you’re likeable. Clients might even be willing to put up with more if they like you and your brand. It’s impossible to do this if you don’t have a brand identity. Before you focus on a hardcore marketing campaign, you need to decide how you’re marketing your hair salon. Do you want a fun, fresh vibe? Are you dark and edgy? You can market your hair salon under any identity. It’s just important that you have one to find the right customers.


Keeping Your Efforts On One Avenue

Another mistake that you need to avoid when marketing your salon is keeping your efforts all on one platform. While there might be avenues that are better suited for different target audiences, you’d be doing your business a disservice by not using as many avenues as possible. While social media marketing is proving to be extremely beneficial for most companies, you can’t forget about the numerous other ways to gain exposure. You can put out ads on the radio or during podcasts. You could consider doing print work and getting a space in a popular magazine. Whatever avenue you decide to pursue, just make sure you’re spreading the word about your business in numerous spaces.


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Forgetting About Repeat Customers

When you find loyal customers, treat them well! Customer service is very important and it can often make or break whether a client will work with you again. Instead, it’s important that you take care of your repeat customers and offer them initiatives to come back. You can think of marketing initiatives like taking a particular dollar amount or percentage off every view visits.

Loyal customers can also be a walking ad for you. Someone might go up to them and compliment them on a hairstyle or maybe a color job. All they need to do is mention your salon and how long they’ve been going, and they’ve already done the work of piquing the interest of a potential client.

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Photo by Charisse Kenion on Unsplash

Targeting Everyone

While you might want to capture as many people as possible with your methods of marketing, you’re risking catching no one by trying to catch everyone. Tons of businesses make this mistake when trying to grow. It’s hard to capture different groups of clients with the same marketing strategy. First, you need to identify what type of customer you’re looking for and then decide which method is best for them. If you’re targeting baby boomers and generation X, keep the bulk of your efforts focused on platforms like TV and Facebook. If you’re after the millennial crowd and Generation Z, social media platforms like Instagram and Snapchat are going to be where you find the bulk of your customers. When it comes to marketing initiatives, you’ll have to get even more specific when marketing to either men or women, but don’t worry – it’s doable!


Sending Too Many Emails/Not Sending Enough

What a lot of businesses fail to do is use email marketing. While you receive tons of mail from your favorite retailers, it’s necessary to follow this when trying to grow your hair salon. It might be difficult at first, but you have to tread lightly between sending too many emails and not sending enough. You should definitely get your customers email addresses so they can keep up with your business. Depending on what content you’re putting out there, you should definitely hit your list once a week. Showcase a deal or a cool, new design you might’ve done on another client. There are tons of different content types you can put out to your email list, so just strategize and get to emailing!


Marketing can get pretty confusing. It can also be pretty discouraging. It might help to know that most of companies’ budget goes into their marketing initiatives because you know what they say! You have to spend money to make money. No company becomes successful in one day, so don’t expect the same for your hair salon. With a mix of well thought-out marketing plans and a strong brand identity, you’ll be one step closer.


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