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5 Expert Tips on School Hairstyles for Young Girls

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Back-to-school is here! The weather is getting cooler and the kids are headed back to school. While you’ve probably been getting them new school wardrobes and new supplies, there’s another thing on the list – school hairstyles. Before you send them to school, you need to get their hair right! You’re probably ready to scour the internet with the best tips from hairstylists, but everything you need to know is right here! We’ve asked the experts and here’s their take on getting your girls and their hair ready for the school year.

hairstyles young girls

Braided Hairstyles Are a Must

There’s definitely a trend when it comes to school hairstyles on young, black girls. You’ll notice that many of them rock braided hairstyles. There’s a reason for that! Braided hairstyles can last anywhere between one to two weeks, and if you’re busy, this can be a lifesaver. If you have a diva on your hands, she might want to stand out from all her other classmates. Braided hairstyles can be turned into high ponytails or even pigtails. Even so, it’s all about the accessories! Shea Matthews at Curly Kids Hair in the California Bay Area suggests “adding beads, giant bows, colorful hair string, and headbands for a little extra pop.”


Get Her a Silk or Satin Headscarf

We all know that sleeping kids can move wildly around their bed. If you want your young girls’ school hairstyles to last, hairstylist Jasmine Jones suggests getting her a satin or silk scarf. Most women wear a scarf or a bonnet for themselves, but don’t even think to preserve their young girl’s hair with one. If you don’t want to spend every other day redoing her hair, a silk or satin headscarf is a must!

hairstyles young girls

Detangling Products Are Your Friend

A lot of children tend to be tender-headed. While you might wish that they grow out of it, you probably have a few years before that happens. In the meantime, you might want to adopt a few practices for nailing down those perfect school hairstyles. Jasmine also recommends detangling products when it comes time for styling. And while that might not be enough, a lot of children are also easily distracted. She suggests using a mobile device or tablet that comes packed with Youtube and a few snacks to keep them preoccupied.


Use Minimal Heat

The natural hair movement is clearly alive and well. It can be seen through how many women are choosing to no longer perm young girls’ hair. While they’re staying away from perms, you might find yourself wanting to use heat to create a few different school hairstyles. Just be careful and use minimal heat. At Toddlers and Tangles, they suggest practicing extreme care and caution on the hair. Another expert tip is to spread out the use of heat. Heat damage is a thing and you need to be mindful that you’re not adding heat too often because it can lead to breakage.


Have Patience

The final expert tip is to be patient! Back-to-school can be hectic and trying to create the most perfect and flawless school hairstyles can take some time. Before you get frustrated, just take a breath and relax! Put on a show you enjoy or a playlist you like and be patient! If necessary, take a break in between. You should never feel overwhelmed when doing her hair! It should be a fun experience for the both of you.

Back-to-school marks the end of the summer season, and many people see that as a sad time. It doesn’t have to be! The start of the school year can be exciting for parents, but particularly for students. They get to go back to their friends, and they all want to look cute doing it! If you’re ready to get your daughter ready for the school year, these five expert tips are just what you need to get her ready and looking cute!

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