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4 reasons why your hair salon needs a Twitter account

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When it comes to the titans of social media, Twitter doesn’t get as much love as Facebook and Instagram. As many times as Instagram crashes, you think some people would learn to diversify their marketing efforts, but some people have to learn the hard way. Don’t be one of these people! It’s hard to promote a local hair salon on avenues as big as TV because it’s better to hit your target demographic as best you can. Spending money on these efforts might not be worth the return either.

Instead of spending thousands of dollars a year, businesses are holding onto their money and using social media. You’ll probably find that most businesses focus their efforts on Instagram and Facebook, but what about Twitter? Before you miss out on potential clients, here are four reasons why your hair salon needs a Twitter account.


Connect with Your Clients

When it comes to establishing a relationship with your clients, Twitter is going to be the best platform for making it happen. On Facebook, you might use comments with your clients. The only other option would be private, direct messages and that can get weird quickly. If you’re on Instagram, the same idea applies. The setup on Twitter not only allows you to build a relationship with one client, but it gives you the chance to build a community. Through a series of retweets, likes, and follows, it’s easy to gauge just how much your clients are involved in. Plus, Twitter is another great way to show your personality! Whether it’s through perfectly timed memes or one liners, your clients can get to know you and your hair salon a lot better.


Free Marketing

When it comes to marketing, one thing you might notice is that “normal” efforts are expensive. Most companies’ and businesses’ budgets are highly focused on marketing, but you can probably expect this. If you’re looking to put a commercial on TV or have ads circulated on websites or editorials, those are going to cost money. Even circulating ads on social media costs money, but using social media is free. While you might focus your efforts on Facebook and Instagram, Twitter is another free marketing avenue that you can take advantage of without any additional cost to you except time.


Become a Staple in Your Industry

All anyone does on Twitter is talk. While some talk about trivial things, others talk about things that matter. Twitter could be your chance to become a staple in the hair industry. Twitter is also a great place to hold an open forum and ask your current and potential clients questions. You could discuss anything, but try to keep it to questions that actually pertain to the beauty industry. Questions like “what hair trend is currently the most popular” can easily get answers. You could then share what your take is on the question based on the clients walking into your hair salon. By using Twitter as a platform to hold discussions, you could easily open yourself up as a leader in questions about the hair community.


Increase Your Visibility

You can’t assume that you’re going to catch all your clients by random walk-ins. You can’t even assume that they’re all on Facebook or Instagram, the two most popular social media sites. By keeping your business off of Twitter, you’re missing an entire demographic of people. As the trends go, Facebook is now the catcher of an older crowd – think Generation X and Baby Boomers. Instagram seems to be where the younger crowd hangs out. This population includes the millennials and Generation Z. Now while Twitter isn’t as age biased as the other two platforms might seem, here you’re going to find the thinkers and progressives. All in all, Twitter will expose you to a crowd you might not be able to reel in on Facebook or Instagram.

Believe us now? Twitter is another free marketing tool and there’s no reason you shouldn’t be using it. Don’t keep your efforts solely on Facebook, Instagram, or even YouTube! Twitter gives you another chance to connect with current clients. More than that, it can help you establish new relationships with potential clients. Essentially you have 280 characters to make an impression so make it count! With the numerous benefits of the app, there’s no reason not to give it a try!

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