4 must have apps every hairstylist needs

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In the 21st century, apps rule the world. With thousands of apps in the App Store or the Google Play store, you might be thinking you don’t need another app. Chances are, you probably do. While you’ll find that there are a ton of apps that serve no purpose, there are an increasing number of them that were made to make your life easier.

As a hairstylist, your life can be hectic between trying to balance existing clients while trying to land a few new ones. There’s no reason the process should be that stressful because there are specific apps set in place to make your life easier. While there are hair apps of their own, there are probably a few other apps you didn’t even know you needed. Here’s our list of 4 must-have apps every hairstylist needs.


Photo by Tracy Le Blanc from Pexels

Social Media

While we could specifically point out one social media app you need to get on, you need to be on ALL of them. Apps like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter offer tons of free marketing that you would’ve had to pay for if you were operating in the 20th century. With smartphones and social media taking over the world, it’s only right that you take care of the change in marketing efforts.

It might be difficult to get on all of them at once, but if you can, start on Facebook or Instagram first. Taking a picture of a satisfied client and posting it is a lot less pressure than trying to come up with 280 characters worth of words. Once you’re able to build and maintain your presence on Facebook and Instagram, feel free to branch onto Twitter and even YouTube.



Life as a hairstylist can be hectic, we know. If you’re keeping track of them yourself, it’s easy to lose track of clients and hair appointments. Imagine having an assistant that does everything for you. That’s HairHoncho. Gone are the days where you have to pick up the phone and pen someone in for a hair appointment. Using their app, the responsibility is no longer on you and your clients would be scheduling their own appointments. The app even helps you manage walk-ins, services, and a gallery of images, whether they’re client photos or the interior of your space.

Photo Scheduling App

Similar to social media, you’re probably wondering why we weren’t more specific. That’s because there’s an endless number of apps you can use to schedule your photos to upload to social media. There’s CoSchedule, Buffer, Hopper, and more. They all perform differently, so it’s all up to your preference.

There are two important aspects of photo scheduling apps. The first and most important is that they help make your life easier. Instead of having to remember to post every single day, you can make an effort to only worry about it once a week. Use one day out of the week to schedule your posts so you don’t have to worry about it. All you need to remember is to check back every few days to interact with your commenters.

The second important aspect of these apps is that you can plan how your page looks. This would more so be for Instagram versus Facebook or Twitter. The way someone’s “feed” looks on Instagram can be important for some potential clients so if you’re worried about your aesthetic, planning your posts ahead of time can help you nail your overall look.

Hair Color Dye – Switch Hairstyles

Sometimes clients will ask for a color change and internally, you cringe because that color definitely wouldn’t match their undertones. The problem is, when you’re dealing with a complete color change, you can’t 100% guarantee if it will look good or not. One way you can kind of play around with color before putting the dye to your client’s hair is with the app Hair Color Dye – Switch Hairstyles. While it’s not completely foolproof, it might make your clients more comfortable with changing their color. Not only can it give them ideas for a different hair color, but the app also offers options for switching their hairstyles. Just imagine those sunglass-try on plug-ins on steroids.

Head to the App Store or Google Play Store! The way things are moving, there will soon be an app for everything! Take advantage of it and make your life easier. Instead of worrying about the small things, you can focus on building your business and clientele.

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