3 Types of Salon Clients That Drive You Crazy

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Working as a hairdresser, you’re going to come across an endless list of clients – some memorable and some forgettable. What you might also realize is that some of the memorable ones aren’t memorable for a good reason. Every hairdresser is going to have a group of clients who made them want to hang up their scissors and comb forever. It also helps to know that all hairdressers come in contact with these clients. From not-so-bad to worse, here are the 3 types of salon clients that will drive you crazy.


The Rude Client

When someone puts the state of their hair into your hands, you think they’d be kinder, right? Wrong. While there will always be nice and gracious clients, you’ll often come across a few select people that make you question why you decided to be a hairdresser. Either that or they’ll make you wish that pulling their hair wasn’t considered assault. Regardless, rude clients are by far the worst salon clients to deal with. One, they probably talk down to you. Two, they’re probably ungrateful and unappreciative no matter how amazing you make them look!

While you might want to throttle them, don’t forget to stay as professional as possible! A happy client is a good thing, but not for the sake of your dignity. You can definitely refuse a client. Just kindly kick them out of your chair while chucking up your deuces.


The Vague Client

When it comes to clients, the vague client is definitely on the more manageable side of the list. While they might not be the worst, they can definitely go into the annoying category. It’s not realistic to expect every client to come through the door knowing exactly what they want, but it’s exceedingly difficult to work with a client who has no idea what they want. When you ask them a question, you hear noncommittal words like “maybe” and “possibly.” If you ask them a question related to their hair, they probably hit you with an “I don’t know.”

It seems impossible to handle the clients who have no idea what they want, but it’s possible. You just have to prepare for this person to walk through the door. Make sure you’re up on the trends and keep examples to show them! Whether you’re recommending a hair color or style, it’s better to show them examples for inspiration on their new hairdo.


The Lying Client

If there’s one type of client that could be detrimental to your reputation, it’s the lying client. Like all good hairdressers, when dealing with a new client, we’re sure you do the rundown of hair history. What kind of products do you use? When was the last time your hair has been processed and with what? While the client might be holding out on information that might seem embarrassing to them, it’s crucial information that all hairdressers need to proceed. A client might be dead set on getting their hair bleached, but this wouldn’t be a good idea if they recently had a perm. You would know this as a hairdresser, but clients often think that they know better!

It’s almost impossible to account for the clients who lie about their hair history. The best thing you could do is trust your gut and inform them! If you have an inkling that your client might be lying about something, softly nudge them and scare them! All you need to do is inform them about what could happen to their beautiful locks if they’re not being 100% transparent about their hair.

Being a hairdresser can be completely fulfilling when you have happy clients leaving your chair. While no one is expecting you to be the perfect hairdresser, sometimes your clients work against you and these can be the worst types of clients. Don’t let them stop you from being great! Just take a breath and use these tips for dealing with them.

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