Top 4 hair salon marketing tips 2019

The 4 Best Ways to Market Your Hair Salon

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With any business, the goal is to grow! Is there such a thing as too many clients? If there is, you probably haven’t gotten there yet. If you’re constantly wondering about how to grow your business and market your hair salon, look no further! There are a hundred ways that you can get more clients through the store and into your style seat, but who has time for all of that! To make it easy, we’re listing the four best ways to market your salon.


Decide Who Your Demographic Is

When it comes to marketing, you first need to decide who your audience is before you’re able to market to them. While you might think all people are the same, different age groups would require different forms of marketing. If you’re keeping your target group small, your means of marketing would be relatively simple. For those looking to cater to clients of all age ranges, this would broaden your marketing initiatives. Marketing is the biggest budget of most companies, so narrowing down your target could immensely help the return you get from your efforts. Once you do that, you can continue with these budget-friendly methods of growing your business.

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Be Active on Social Media

The best way to market your hair salon is by using social media. While large corporations still put thousands and even millions of dollars into commercials, you probably don’t have the funds to do this. Don’t worry about it! Social media is now the bread and butter of most marketing campaigns. If you’re trying to market your hair salon and grow your business, you need to hop on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and more! While you should try to keep your business on all of these platforms, you can focus your efforts to particular apps and sites based on your demographic.

For those trying to grow their hair salon among millennials, you need to place most of your efforts on Instagram and YouTube. If your target demographic is for baby boomers, you’ll find most of them hanging out on Facebook. If you’re aiming to target everyone in between, head to Twitter! You can find all age groups subtweeting there!

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Use Localized Hashtags

Adding a million hashtags to your post can seem tiresome, but when it comes to marketing your hair salon, hashtagging is crucial! Some digital marketers might tell you to use the 30 hashtags that Instagram allows you to put in a post. From a consumer’s point of view, no one wants to see 30 hashtags in your caption, and while you can hide them, it’s better to stick to a solid three or four. If you’re using this method, make sure your hashtags are going to maximize your visibility.

While it might be great for people across the country to know about your salon, you should first target those in your nearest vicinity. This is why localized hashtags are so important. If you’re in Miami, you’d want a hashtag like #MiamiHairSalon or #MiamiHairDresser to cover all the people who might be looking for a hair salon in the Miami area.

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Work with Influencers

If you’re really trying to market your hair salon, you need to join the influencer game. Before the world of social media, influencers weren’t a thing. Now, they’re power players in the world of marketing. While most social media marketing is free, there are times when it’s beneficial to drop a few coins. There are tiered influencers where you can find those who will post about your salon for free and others who will ask for a fee to post. Some ideas might include offering them a free styling and they post a picture of their new look. You could even consider finding an influencer in your area to have them do a behind the scenes look into your salon. When it comes to influencers, the possibilities are endless!

When you’re trying to grow a business, marketing is the most important part! Large companies can afford to spend thousands of dollars a month on marketing, but you might not be at that point. Marketing doesn’t have to break your entire budget, and while these tips aren’t the only tips to help your hair salon succeed, they’re the best way to get clients through your door as soon as possible.

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